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Music at Cam Woodfield Junior School


Music is a very important part of our school.  All the classes enjoy high quality music lessons in class where they learn the skills and history of music. We teach practical lessons where the children sing, play percussion instruments, compose and play orchestral instruments.  All the children learn to play the recorder and to read music.  Our resources are fun and exciting and engage the children.

The whole school enjoys singing hymns and songs in assembly and for we use cross curricular songs to help the children learn tables and other subjects.  Every year the whole school enjoys taking part in musical activities such as the Harvest Festival, Christmas Service in church and the production. We often have special events such as I Sing Pop in partnership with local churches. Our children are very confident to sing solos in musical shows and at every possible opportunity.



We run high quality clubs such as recorder groups, choir and orchestra.  The recorder club develops keen recorder players who have enjoyed their class music lessons and they have opportunities to perform regularly.

The choir is very popular and every year we have a number of prestigious engagements. We regularly sing at Young Voices in the NEC in Birmingham, an exciting concert with choirs from all over the Midlands and Gloucestershire. There are always well known pop musicians performing with the choirs, a live band, famous conductor and often a dance troupe.

Last year we were invited to sing in Wembley Stadium and also invited by the BBC to sing in Gloucester Cathedral for their Christmas Celebration. We were broadcast on the radio on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (please see the link in Latest News for a recording of The Camel Boogie Woogie).  In the summer we were invited to sing with local adult choirs in a joint concert which included Let There Be Peace On Earth in four part harmony.

This year we are delighted to be singing with Tyndale Choral Society, a prestigious choir in a large composition called Zumbe, an African piece which requires a children’s choir. What an honour to be asked.

We sing at local events such as the switching on of the Christmas lights and the yearly Dursley Rotary Club Concert. Our children are competent and confident singers who learn songs very easily and love to perform.



Children can learn orchestral, guitar and percussion instruments in school. We have five visiting teachers. We currently have children learning: violin, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, trombone, percussion and guitar. Children may also choose to play the cello, double bass, viola, French horn, saxophone and have done so in the last few years. Our musicians have been very successful in external music exams and many reach the standard of Grade 3, some even grade 5.  The orchestra plays a great variety of music from Harvest songs, Christmas carols and exciting orchestral arrangements. The highlight last year was playing In the Hall Of The Mountain King by Grieg. The school had learnt about this using the BBC Ten Pieces and it was a piece they loved playing. The orchestra includes percussion players and pianists who can play tuned percussion and competent guitarists. We play regularly in public and are well known in the local area.


Guitar Group

We have a large number of children learning the guitar and last year the guitar group performed a piece of music in different parts written specially for them. They were accompanied by the strings. Our guitarists also take external exams.

All our instrumentalists regularly play in groups and perform solos in school concerts, assemblies and public concerts.


What do our musicians do when they leave Cam Woodfield Junior School?

You will find our pupils continuing to learn instruments and sing at Secondary School. Many have gone on to study Music at University and at Music Conservatoires. They have formed bands and played at festivals and award ceremonies They have won competitions, including national ones. Our pupils also join orchestras and bands run by Gloucestershire Music Hub, playing at the top County level. Cam Woodfield Junior enthuses children and starts them off on a great musical adventure.


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