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Welcome to our school!


We, the children, staff and governors of Cam Woodfield Junior School, would like to thank you for your interest and welcome you to our website.


We are a happy, caring school community where children enjoy learning together to be the best they can be and where perseverance, effort, hard work and achievement in all aspects of life are celebrated.


We have high expectations and aspirations for all. The pupils are encouraged to dream big, aim high and dig deep to achieve each new goal, inspired by the success of those around us, locally and globally. Our focus is on academic achievement and we aim to offer the widest range of experiences to inspire achievement in reading, writing and mathematics, as well as in other areas of the curriculum. We will continue to be proud of our provision of, for example, music, sport, art and drama.


We aim for kindness, respect, equality and fairness, responsibility, courage, aspiration and friendship to permeate all we do, from our roots to our shoots. We strive for all our pupils to flourish in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment of low risk and high challenge; where pupils feel confident to ask questions, discuss together, agree and disagree, solve problems, take risks with their learning, embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and feel proud of their achievements as their success is celebrated.


We have the most wonderful environment, experienced, friendly, caring committed staff, governors and families, as well as a wealth of resources, enthusiasm, pride and determination to offer our children a positive, happy, successful junior school experience. We aim for our children to be resilient, self-motivated learners with a curiosity and passion for learning, well equipped with self-belief, and nourished with our shared school values for their lives today and for their future, whatever it may bring.


At our school, together everyone is learning to be the best we can be.


If you would like to know more about the school, you are very welcome to come and visit us.

With best wishes,

Ms H.Dean


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