Welcome to Cherry class

Welcome to Cherry Class
A huge warm welcome to our new Year 3s in Cherry Class. During the Autumn Term, Cherry class are embarking on an exciting adventure as we explore the Viking raiders and settlers.
Our learning adventure has already began, by using our classroom theme corner to begin to explore how the Vikings may have lived and in what geographical location they originated from. 

In Maths this term, we will be learning number and place value, as well as shapes. We will also be working hard to learn our times tables. This will start with us recapping the 10, 5 and 2 times table, to then progress on to the 4, 8 and 3 times table as the year progresses. 


In English this term, we will begin by taking part in a Viking Initiation Test, inspired by the famous 'How To Train Your Dragon' book series, to create our individual Viking identities and write a character description. The children will also be using inspiration from Arthur and the Golden Rope to write their very own adventurous Viking myths. We also have a very destructive invasion to take part in, in which the children will be writing a diary about their humble and vicious actions. Our class books this term will be How to be a Viking, Arthur and the Golden Rope and The Last Viking. We will be using these books during our guided reading sessions and to also inspire and ignite our creative writing in English. 


In Science this term, we will be exploring light and investigating how we can use shadows to scare off any potential enemies that us Viking may have. 


During our PE lessons, we will be learning the skills of Rugby and playing a Viking Castle Game. During these lessons, we will also be exploring the importance of warming up and how to stay fit and healthy as a Viking warrior.

Cheery Class – Reading books.  

 This Friday (11th September) the children will be given their new reading level books. Some children will be bring home books that are lower bands than they had last year. This could be for a number of reasons. Therefore it is vital that children take the time to read at home. Reading with parents, careers or Grandparents needs to be recorded in their home journals for Miss Doyle to see. 


Thank you for your understanding and readiness to help. 

Important Information 
Juniper Class will have their PE lessons on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY each week. Children are encouraged to only bring their PE kits into school only on these days, in line with Government guidelines.
Homework will be sent home every Friday afternoon. Children will be provided with a piece of maths homework, English homework, the current week's spelling pattern and your child's key times table at that given time. Homework is expected to be handed in by the following Wednesday, meaning that the teacher has an opportunity to provide feedback to the children. Should there be an issue, please speak to Miss Doyle before Wednesday to access any support required. 
Every child will be provided with a reading band colour and this will inform your child of which colour reading book they can take home from the school library.Children are expected to read 3 times a week to support their learning in school. Reading records will be provided and monitored on a daily basis by the class teacher.
Spellings and Times Tables
Every child will have a key times table focus in which they are expected to practice at home in preparation for a times table test every Friday. Once your child has successfully shown multiplication and division facts for their key times table, they will progress onto the next. 
Spelling rules will be taught weekly in class and a list will be provided in your child's homework every Friday. The children will have a spelling test, testing their spelling rule, on the following Friday.
Due to the disruption to your child's learning in Year 2, it is vital that our Year 3s continue practising their phonetic knowledge. Alphablocks is a brilliant video series that provide targeted phonetic sounds in each video. These can be found easily on YouTube.
Having trouble with your homework? You can use https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/levels/zbr9wmn to revise the different topics we study in school and to play educational games to continue your learning in a fun way!
We are working really hard on our timetables everyday and they aren't always easy. Look for different ways to make learning them fun. Every child has been provided with a Times Table Rock Star login that allows them to play a range of fun and motivating games. If your child has forgotten their password, please speak to their class teacher. Here are some more links to websites with a range of games to help your child's learning.  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/multiplication-and-division and https://www.timestables.co.uk/