Elm Class Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Elm Class
Spring Term:
Vivia Italia
This term, Elm class will be embarking on an exciting journey across Italy. 
During our learning journey, we will be using our geographical knowledge and skills to look at different cities and places, and life in the Mediterranean. We will also be exploring how volcanoes and earthquakes are created and how they impact on people's lives.
Our class book is 'Little Bo in Italy' which follows the story of a cat called Bo as she travels around different places in Italy. We will be using the book to travel around Italy, explore Italian culture and recall historical events about what happened in Pompeii and exploring Roman mythology.
This term, we will be continuing to develop our place value knowledge to help with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We will be looking at representing and comparing different fractions, and how to calculate and measure length and mass. 
Also, we will carry on practicing times tables and related division facts. Please continue to practice your times tables at home on Times Table Rock Stars.
During the term will be looking at the book 'Little Bo in Italy' by Julie Andrews Edwards & Emma Walton Hamilton
Remember that PE is on:
Tuesdays (outdoor) - if the weather is bad, this will change to another day.
Thursdays (indoor).
Please can children make sure they have their PE kits in everyday.
Autumn Term
Early Man: Stone Age
During this term, Elm class will be diving into history to discover prehistoric life during the Stone Age period. We will be looking at film 'Early Man' by Ardman Studios (creators behind Wallace and Gromit) and linking this with our theme. 
We will be exploring the Stone Age to Iron Age periods through prehistoric records and archaeological findings: how did early men and women live? How did they communicate? What historical landmarks still exist today?
During our English lessons, we will be looking at various types of writing linked with our class texts 'Early Man' and 'Stone Age Boy'. These texts will help frame our writing opportunities and link with other learning across the curriculum.
Our Science lessons will focus on investigating different types of rocks, understanding how magnets work and learning about light sources.
In our Art lessons, we will be developing our watercolour painting skills to create our frontispieces and learning how to design and sculpt our own Stone Age jewellery.
During our Computing lessons, we will be learning how to create and programme basic animations and how to communicate safely online.
Class texts
During this term, we will be looking at the film 'Early Man', created by Ardman Studios and Nick Parks who created Wallace and Gromit, and the book that goes alongside it. In addition, we will be looking at a classic story 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura.