Maple Class Year 6

Welcome to Maple Class
Our theme this term in year 6 is 'Journey to the Northern Lights'. During this theme, we will be investigating what causes the Northern Lights as well as plotting where they can be seen over the world. We will also be carrying out many science investigations on electricity and lights and linking this to the northern lights. Also this term, we will be holding our school production - more news on that to come later in the term. 
This term we are reading 'Sky Song' by Abi Elphinstone. It is a magical story set in the enchanted land of Erkenwald. Eska, a girl who has been kept prisoner by the Ice Queen at Winterfang Palace wants to know why the Queen wants to take her voice. Eska has no memories of her life before the Ice Queen and, with the help of Flint, they are both on a mission to save the land of Erkenwald.