Oak Class Year 5

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Welcome to the Oak Class home page - Summer Term
 Blast Off!
This term, we will be learning all about space. Already this term, we have looked at the solar system and the effects of gravity on Earth. Throughout this theme, we will be looking at 1960's art, the Space Race, Isaac Newton and the Flower Power Generation.
Welcome to the Oak Class homepage - Spring term.
X Marks the Spot!
This term, we will be exploring the curriculum through our 'X Marks the Spot' theme. Already this term, we have discovered buried treasure, priceless gems, untold riches and lots of maps. It was interesting to see what the new 'island' in the corner of our room was hiding. Buried in the sand was a mysterious chest that seems to contain a new item every time we learn something new......
In Guided Reading and Writing, we are looking at a book called 'The Girl of Ink and Stars'. Here is what we know so far...
The story centres around a young girl named Isabella who lives in a small village on the isolated island of Joya. When Isa’s best friend, the Governor’s daughter goes missing, she joins the treacherous search party disguised as a boy, to help find her. Isabella must guide the party with an unfinished map through the mysterious uncharted Forgotten Territories to find her friend, before something else finds her first.
Welcome to the Oak Class homepage - Autumn Term.
This term we are learning about the Medieval Period through the theme Peasants, Princes and Plagues.
So far we have written to the king to persuade him not to send us to fight the Green Knight. We have also written non-chronological reports about life as a squire. During our foundation subjects, we have looked at the key events of the medieval period,  drawn our own bayeux tapestry and learned some of the Young Voices songs in preparation for the big event in January!
During Writing and Reading, we are looking at a book called Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 
Here is a summary of the book so far:

It’s Christmas time at King Arthur’s court, and all the knights and ladies have gathered to celebrate and feast. Arthur, however, refuses to eat until he has witnessed something marvelous or heard a great adventure story. Luckily, just when everyone’s sitting down to eat, a mysterious, gigantic stranger with emerald-green skin and clothing bursts into the hall. As if that was not weird enough, he's riding a gigantic green horse and carrying an elaborately-decorated axe.

The Green Knight announces that he’s come to test the honor of the legendary knights of the round table, and proposes a game: he will withstand a single axe-blow from the hands of one knight, as long as that knight agrees to meet him in a year and a day to receive an axe-blow in return. Stunned by the total weirdness of his request, no one volunteers.....