Overview of Remote Teaching and Learning

What are we learning about this term?
Please have a look at our parent overviews below. They reflect our current themes and what we have planned to teach the children this term.
Please be aware that some subjects have been adapted, making them more accessible for those children working from home.


Due to remote learning, the children are not able to work collaboratively towards group instrumental and singing performances. This also means children will not have access to a range of instruments. In these instances, we aim to continue to teach children the skills required for group performances but on an individual basis. Use of a range of instruments at this time will be limited and planning will reflect this.



Due to remote learning, it will not always be possible to complete these tasks as originally planned. We have carefully considered what we would reasonably expect a household to have, as well as the safety aspects of certain lessons, and have adapted the DT curriculum to ensure that the skills lessons are accessible for those working at home.



Due to remote learning, these plans could be affected. We are also aware that children may not have access to these materials. When this is the case, we will aim to teach the skills where possible and adapt the planning to make it suitable for remote learning.



Due to remote learning, our usual teaching of PE will be adapted to make it accessible for those working at home. Whole school challenges will be sent out, developing a range of skills as the term progresses. The school website has also been updated with further resources for staying active at home.



Due to remote learning, the usual teaching of Computing has been adapted to make it accessible for those working at home. Some units of work will be covered through remote learning. However, some objectives have been adapted to ensure that your child can meet these requirements despite working at home.


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