Redwood Year 6

Welcome to Redwood Class
In Redwood this term, we are learning about the famous collection of colours that can be seen on a clear night among the stars in the sky: the Northern Lights. We will be finding out how they are created and the best location for witnessing this spectacular sight. 
                                                           A snapshot of our learning this term:
In Science, we are focusing on electricity and light. In electricity, we are learning to use the correct symbols to draw a range of series circuits, as well as, finding out how to make a light bulb the brightest and a buzzer the loudest it can be to ensure that Flint has the best equipment when entering Winterfang palace.
In RE, we are trying to answer the big question ' How does faith help people when life is difficult.' We will be looking at Hindu, Muslim and Christian beliefs about life after death and how these help people to answer the big questions in life.
In Music, we are learning to compose and rehearse our own piece of music based upon The Northern Lights. We will then be evaluating our own pieces of music. 
In French, we are discovering the many countries that speak French and how to say the names of these countries. 
Our reading and writing this term will be based upon the text Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone. We will go on an exhilarating yet dangerous journey with the main characters- Flint and Eska- as they desperately try to avoid capture from the Ice Queen. We are currently planning and writing our own short stories based upon the class text, using all of the language features that we have learnt so far this year.
Exciting News!
Year Six are currently preparing for the end of year production. With lots of singing and dancing, we are sure this show will get everyone up and dancing.