Redwood Year 6

Welcome to Redwood Class 
Our theme this term is: War on Britain
Autumn Term Theme: 
World War 2
 In Redwood this term, we will be travelling back in time to 1939 during the outbreak of WWII where we will be learning why the war began and the key events that the war is remembered for. We will be focusing upon what it was like for those living at home during the war, as well as finding out about the diverse experiences of those children who were evacuated.  
In English this term, we will be focusing on Letters from the Lighthouse and Rose Blanche and using these texts to support us when writing: recounts, journalistic writing, poetry and narratives. 
Our PE This term will be:
Netball on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.
A snapshot of our thematic learning this term
Art: we will be looking at the artist Henry Moore and his famous sketches of people sheltering from air raids. 
D.T: we will be focusing upon dig for victory and rationing with the opportunity to grow our own vegetables.
Science: we will be investigating how light travels and how shadows are formed, as well as making our own circuits for our electricity unit. 
RE: we will be learning about Hindu beliefs, as well as considering whether Science and religion conflict or complement each other.
Geography: we will be building upon our map skills by identifying where children were evacuated to and learning how to use key OS symbols.