Remote Learning - January 2021

Learning From Home - January 2021
On January 4th, the Government announced that the country was going into lockdown. This meant that schools across the country were closed to pupils. The only exception to this were children that are vulnerable or have key worker parents.
As a school, we have moved on to online learning. Children's education will be delivered online using Zoom and the VLE. The Government's expectation is that all children continue to receive their education, and that all children are still expected to 'attend' online sessions.
Each class will be expected to register twice a day via Zoom. This will take place in the morning and the afternoon. Teachers from each year group will have sent you exact timings for registration via the VLE. Zoom log in details for each class will stay the same each day, ensuring that registration stays a stress-free expectation for children.
All teachers have ensured that work is, and will continue to be, available each day. Through the VLE, work has been set and teaching videos/resources are downloadable. Teachers will be available throughout the day via VLE messaging and/or Zoom calling. If your child has any problems completing their work or require support understanding tasks set, please send the class teacher a VLE message and they will respond at a suitable time. 
Key information:
*Children's education remains compulsory and children are expected to attend online sessions.
*Children are expected to register twice a day. More information on this is available by signing into your child's VLE account.
*Children will be expected to complete work set for them by their class teacher.
*Teachers will be supporting your child's learning via VLE messaging and Zoom calling.
My child can't sign into the VLE or Zoom call. What do I do?
If your child can't sign into the VLE, please inform your class teacher during the morning registration. Your teacher will then arrange to have your password reset. If your child can't sign into the Zoom call, please inform your class teacher via VLE messaging prior to morning registration. Your teacher will be happy to re-send you the log in details. If you can't access the VLE OR the Zoom call, please contact the school office.
I can't find the work that has been set for me. What do I do?
As a school, we have several ways to help you with locating your child's work. Firstly, make your teacher aware of your problem. They will be able to help you locate your work. You can also watch the video for VLE, available on this page. Finally, you can use the helpful documentation that is also available on this page.
'How To' Guidance
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