Science 'SID' Learning

Introducing SID at CWJS
During the Autumn Term of 2020, the children of Cam Woodfield Junior School were given an exciting opportunity to take part in a whole school competition, which was to design a CWJS Science Mascot. The competition brief was for the children to create a Science Mascot that they felt portrayed Science as an overall subject, as well as thinking about what Science learning really is about. 
The children really enjoyed this competition and as a result, we were ecstatic with how many entries we had received. With a lot of careful consideration of each competition entry, one Science Mascot was finally chosen.
CWJS are very pleased to announce that our brand new whole school Science Mascot, which was designed by a Year 6 pupil, is SID.
SID the Science Mascot was very carefully thought about, with his acronym standing for 'Science Is Discovering'. This in itself shows the children that Science is all about discovering the unknown and builds upon how we use our five scientific learning skills throughout our lessons to discover and learn about our key topics in Science. 
SID will be located on the Science working walls in each class and will be referred to throughout lessons to engage the children and aid their scientific learning.