Willow Class Year 4

Welcome to Willow Class
Rock Stars
In the Summer Term, Willow Class are learning all about musicians, in order to become their very own Rock Star!
Willow Class will have been focusing on the history of music genres, as well as the history of musical players. We have also been learning about Sound in Science, where the children received a letter from Virgin Record Label, requesting that they experiment which material would be most suitable for their recording studio. Willow Class also explored how a string telephone transmits sound and electrical energy from a sound source to an ear. 
Our future Super Stars were extremely lucky today, as they had the opportunity to attend a VIP Rock Star Gig. Willow Class had so much fun, while dancing and singing along to some great songs!
In Maths, Willow Class have been learning about direction and position, as well as money. The children are currently working very hard to tell the time, using digital and analogue clocks.
In English, the children learnt to write a biography based on the life of Elvis Presley and diary in the life of a WW2 soldier, expressing their emotions towards the use of Jazz music during the awful events taking place in the war.
Happy New Year!
Willow Class have started their brand new theme for the Spring term...
How To Train Your Dragon!
Willow Class will be exploring some very exciting topics this term, with a large focus on Geography and Science. Please find our Theme Topic Map attached on our webpage. 
After half term, Willow Class have a fantastic opportunity to go on a trip to Bristol Zoo on Tuesday 5th March!
Letters went out on Friday 15th February, outlining that the purpose of the trip is to start the learning of All Living Things in Science. The children will have the opportunity to get up close to a range of wildlife and learn all about the similarities and differences of animals and plants.
If you would like your child to take part, please return the form and a voluntary payment if you wish, by Friday 1st March. Details are all on the letter and it will also be available on parent mail.
Willow Class have their last swimming lesson on the first Thursday back after half term (Thursday 28th February).
Please ensure your child has a t-shirt and a pair of shorts alongside their swimming costume, as the children will be taking part in a water safety course that requires them to wear clothing in the pool. If you have any questions, please speak to Miss Beavis.
Following our successful Autumn Term studying the Romans, Willow Class are in for an adventure this Spring Term.
Willow Class have had a frightening yet intriguing intruder today, who has destroyed the classroom. We have been discussing what clues we have found around the room and how we felt and what we said during the event to help stimulate our creative writing.
In Mathematics, the children are continuing their learning of multiplication and division. We follow a concrete, pictorial and abstract learning system, in which the children begin to explore the new skill by using concrete apparatus, then move on to using pictorial drawn methods and then finally using the abstract method. If you have any queries about this please do ask Miss Beavis and she would be happy to explain. The children will also be moving on to learning statistics one day a week, which will be taking place on Thursday, as well as learning STOPs problem solving methods one day a week on Friday.
In English, Willow Class have begun learning about formal letters of complaint. Following our intruder, the children will be learning the skills necessary to write their own formal letter of complaint to the Dragon who has destroyed our classroom and damaged school property.
During the first term, Willow Class have been learning all about the Romans.
So far we have learnt about the living conditions of the Rich and Poor Roman people, comparing the types of houses and we have worked really hard to create our own Insulae and Domus floor plans.
We have also been learning about the Roman god and goddesses and have created our very own fact files about a number of the gods.
Willow class had a fantastic day dressing up as Roman Slaves on Thursday 4th October. All of the children took part in a variety of tasks that real life Roman slaves would have had to do on a daily basis. All children and staff really enjoyed the theme day and we all shared some delicious homemade bread at the end of the day to celebrate!
Willow class had a wonderful time at the Cheltenham Literature Festival the other day during the educational talk from Andy Stanton. The Mr Gum author was very inspiring and we all enjoyed his literature humour.
Willow class have really enjoyed Science this term and have been learning all about the human body. 
We set up a fun experiment to test which liquids are healthy for our teeth and to observe the damage that some liquids can cause to our teeth over a period of time.
The children concluded that the healthiest liquid for our teeth is water and understood that vinegar, coca cola, orange juice and orange squash all have a damaging effect to the enamel on our teeth if exposed for a period of time.
Useful Class information
Class Book: How to train your Dragon
PE days: Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure you have both indoor and outdoor PE kit on both days, clearly labelled, including warm clothes for the colder weather.
Willow Class will have swimming lessons at The Pulse in Dursley. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit with them every Thursday. Letters have been sent out during our first week back and they will also be available on Parent Mail. It is important that your child is given consent to attend swimming lessons if you wish for them to take part.
Homework: Each week children will be set a grammar task, a maths task, spellings and times tables. Children are also expected to read at least 3 times a week at home. We have also set a selection of theme based tasks for the children to select from and complete. 
Homework will continue to be handed out on Friday and will be collected in on the following Wednesday.
Theme homework will be handed out on Friday 18th January and will be due on Wednesday 3rd April.
Spellings will be given out every Monday this term and tested the following week. 
Every week we will also be focusing on a new times table and the children will be quizzed every Thursday.
Can you help?
If you feel you may be able to help our learning in any way, from joining us on visits and trips; to coming in and hearing us read, please speak to Miss Beavis.