Juniper Class

Welcome to Juniper Class
Juniper class have been exploring the Romans this term, they have enjoyed learning about the Roman way of life. 
Children have explored Roman Gods, Roman houses and Roman numerals carrying out a variety of tasks to develop their understanding of the Romans.
 In maths children have been focusing on place value and will start looking at addition and subtraction. the children have all been focusing on different aspects of shape alongside their place value too.
In English children have been exploring a range of text types and been creating their own. Children have produced wonderful myths and diaries. The diaries were based on our  fantastic dress up  day  as Roman Slaves on Thursday 4th October. All of the children took part in activities  that real life Roman slaves would have had to do on a daily basis.  Our myths came from a real life experience of a mythical creature coming into our school hall creating a big mess leaving a trail of hoof prints and feathers leading us to a nest with an egg in there! We hoped it would hatch so we could have our own mythical creature!
We were very lucky to have our first school trip to t the Cheltenham Literature Festival! We saw Andy Stanton. The Mr Gum author was very funny and made us laugh and he let us know how to create wonderful stories.
Juniper class have enjoyed Science this term learning all about the human body, we have explored teeth and bones. Our  experiment to test which liquids are healthy for our teeth was a huge success we were shocked to see what vinegar could do an egg which shares the same properties as our teeth! 
Having trouble with your homework? Homework club is every Monday lunchtime.
You can also use to revise the different topics we study in school and to play educational games to continue your learning in a fun way!
We are working really hard on our timetables everyday and they aren't always easy. Look for different ways to make learning them fun- here is a link to a website with a range of games to help your learning.
We are preparing for our first class assembly in junior school and ask if our families still have our slave costumes or any 'roman' costumes at home we could wear for our performance. Thank you.