Juniper Class

Welcome to Juniper Class
Welcome back to the spring term, this term Juniper class are embarking on a new adventure-Our new topic is Wild Earth.
Our learning adventure has started with an eruption....from a volcano in our classroom! We will explore how the earth creates tremors and volcanos, investigate different rock types and research into the life of those in the Mediterranean compared to our own lives here. 
 In maths children have been focusing on multiplication and division this term, we are also starting statistics looking at ways to represent data in the form of tally charts and pictograms. We are having our flying starts every morning and times tables practice time but please can those at home practice with us so we can really improve this skill.
In English the children are starting their writing adventure with a newspaper article about the Volcanic eruption in Pompeii, we are linking this to our history topic and have been looking at images and small clips about what happened in Pompeii in 79AD.
We are very lucky to this term have a wonderful workshop from the Freshwater theatre company to visit our school on Wednesday 23rd January, this experience will give children the opportunity to take part in a range of activities learning about volcanos and earthquakes in an interactive way. 
Having trouble with your homework? Homework club is every Monday lunchtime.
You can also use to revise the different topics we study in school and to play educational games to continue your learning in a fun way!
We are working really hard on our timetables everyday and they aren't always easy. Look for different ways to make learning them fun- here is a link to a website with a range of games to help your learning.
 Juniper classes PE lessons are on Mondays and Tuesdays- Please ensure your PE kit is in school for these sessions.
Juniper classes Times table tests will be on Thursday morning with their spelling tests being Thursday afternoon. 
Homework is given out every Friday and is due back every Wednesday, children are urged to speak to their class teacher if they struggle with their homework before Wednesday and most importantly attend homework club to get the help they need.
A theme homework will be given out on Friday 18th January and is due back on Wednesday 3rd April.