Welcome from Mrs Bennett

Headteacher's Welcome

We are a community that is very proud of the journey the school has taken in providing all pupils with opportunities through a rich learning environment. Our classrooms are adapted every term to reflect the theme of learning. Teachers plan exciting opportunities to engage all learners making sure high expectations are driven and celebrated, and this is demonstrated in pupils’ work.

We want children’s individuality to shine, be confident, with not only the academic subjects, but also through being taught a curriculum that encourages self-reflection, an appreciation of difference and an environment where risk taking or making mistakes are essential skills in developing great learners.

The school has been awarded the ‘Healthy school’s Award’ and more recently has also received a ‘Mental Health Champion’s award'.

The well-being of pupils is paramount and we provide emotional and pastoral support to individuals and their families, to help break down barriers to pupils’ learning. We use several different types of interventions to support a wide range of emotional issues that pupils may bring to school. These interventions are delivered with sensitivity and care, being extremely effective in giving pupils the confidence to achieve.

The relationship between school and parents is an essential part of any child’s development and education. This is something, as a school, we encourage, working in partnership to ensure that parents are well informed of their child’s strengths and next steps. It is important to us as a school, that parents are part of the celebration of their child’s successes; we achieve this by inviting parents to special events throughout the year.

At Cam Woodfield Junior School, we believe that every child can succeed and have aspirations for the future.

Mrs Louise Bennett

Executive Headteacher, Cam Woodfield Junior School