Juniper Class Year 3

Welcome to Juniper Class from Miss Griffiths.
Our teaching partners are Mrs Graham, Mr Jones, Mrs Powell and Miss Carter! 
Our theme this term is...
Stone Age Boy
During the Autumn Term, Juniper Class will be immersed into their new theme 'Stone Age Boy', with history as our driver. As a class, we will discover new, exciting information about what life was like during the Stone Age and how Neolithic people survived with so little resources available. The children will use their new knowledge about the Stone Age to make their own nutritious vegetable stew, cave painting inspired art and timeline of the key historic events! To spark engagement in the classroom, mysterious objects or sounds will regularly appear in our 'Curiosity Corner' to help us unveil new, interesting facts and objects. What will we discover in the coming weeks?
Our classroom environment:
To support our theme, we will be reading ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. This book features a little boy who is walking along when he trips, stumbles and falls ... into the Stone Age! He meets a girl his own age and her tribe, and learns all about their way of life. He watches them make tools, clothes and weapons. But when a furious cave bear attacks, he wakes up back in his own time where everyone tells him it was only a dream. But was it? We will be unpicking this text in our reading sessions, where we will complete written tasks using our VIPERS skills.
Later in the term, we will also be reading ‘The First Drawing' by Mordicai Gerstein as well as 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. The book 'The First Drawing' helps us travel back in time to over 30,000 years ago, when the discovery of the first ever cave drawing was made. This narrative also helps to inspire the young dreamers and artists of today. On the other hand, 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' is a hilarious, light-hearted picture book that talks us through exactly how to wash a naughty mammoth without getting soap in their eyes! 
Things to remember:
  • Juniper Class PE days are Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor). The children are welcome to bring some warmer clothes for outdoor PE. We are doing gymnastics, hockey and netball this term. 
  • Children need to read with an adult at least 3x a week and record this on 'boomhub'. You will be provided with a login for this and it will be checked every Thursday. If your child has finished their reading book, they need to tell the class teacher who will allow them to go to the library to select a new one.
  • Children should access Times Table Rock Stars at least 1x a week on the following link: Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (