We believe ALL learners can be successful now and in the future, when their talents and individuality are celebrated and enriched - we do this at CWJS! 
The Intent of our curriculum is to give children, regardless of their starting points, the opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, with engaging learning that sparks intrigue and inspires them to be the best they can be!
Further information on the full statement of the school's 'Intent, Implementation & Impact' can be downloaded on the link below.  

How teachers promote and support pupils' long term memory in lessons.


Retrieval of Knowledge - Logo 

First lesson of a new unit of learning is a 'Retrieval of Knowledge Time!'  Teachers are the facilitators to support pupils' retrieval of knowledge by leading lessons to trigger their (long term memory - sticky knowledge) and bring that knowledge to the working part of the brain.e.g. recapping on basic stages of life cycles in Year 2 and using this knowledge and skills in Year 5 to know the differences between different life cycles.  

Sticky Knowledge - Logo

At CWJS we recognise that new learning is fragile and usually forgotten unless explicit steps are taken over time to revisit and refresh. Pupils use the term and logo 'Sticky Knowledge' in their lessons as a strategy to support and identify important learning that they need to remember and retrieve in the future.