Science Ambassadors

Welcome to the Cam Woodfield Junior website from the Science Ambassadors. 
This year, there are 14 Science Ambassadors, who were chosen by their peers, to represent their class. We have two ambassadors for every class from year 3 to year 6. 
Our aims this year are to help further promote Science within the school and local community, by working closely with teachers and the Science leader to: organise Science and STEM events within school, as well as competitions, activities and trips. We want to continue to make Science learning within our school engaging and fun, as well as, helping us to understand the world. 
One focus this year is to help make sure that we are making our school as environmentally friendly as possible. 
As a Science Ambassador team, we meet regularly with the Science leader to share and implement our ideas. 

Tuesday 3rd December

As part of our role as Science ambassadors, we went on an out of this world trip to Deanery CE Academy in Swindon, to meet an astronaut (Steve Swanson).   

We had the opportunity to listen to Steve Swanson’s astronaut talk where he shared videos and stories, as well as interesting facts, about his time on the space shuttles.