We would be happy to provide printed versions of these policies if required.
Please enquire with the School Administrator team. 
Access Plan Policy 2019-24.pdf
admissions policy 2022 - 2023 (1) (1).pdf
Admissions Policy 2023 - 2024.pdf
Adoption Policy 2021-23.pdf
14.2 Acceptable-Use-Policy-2021-2022.pdf
Anti Bullying Policy 2021-22
Attendance Policy 2020-21
Behaviour Policy 2021-2022
10.3 Cam Woodfield Outbreak Management Plan 2021 (1).pdf
Child Protection Policy 2022-2023
Children with Health Needs who cannot attend school.pdf
CBAT Charging and Remissions Policy 2020-22.pdf
CBAT Documentation
Complaints Policy for Parents and Carers 2020-23 (CBAT)
Data Protection Policy 2021-23 CBAT.pdf
Debt Recovery (CBAT)
Drugs Policy 2020-2022.pdf
Designated Teacher for looked after children Policy 2021-24 copy.pdf
Discretionary Leave of Absence Policy 2021-23 CBAT.pdf
14.3 E-safety Policy 2021-22.pdf
Early Help Pathway Offer
Election of Staff and Parent Governors Policy 2020-23
Equality Information and objectives statement 2021-2025.pdf
Exclusion Policy 2021-24.pdf
First Aid in School Policy 2021-24.pdf
Finance Policy 2019-2021
Governor Code of Conduct Policy
Governor Visits Policy
Intimate Care Policy 2020- 2021
14.6 Marking Policy September 2021-2022.pdf
HS Statement of Intent 2021-23 (Part 1) CBAT.pdf
CBAT H&S Standards (Part 2) update Mar2021.pdf
14.4 Health and Safety Policy (Part 3) 2021-22.pdf
Management of Sickness Absence 2021-23 CBAT.pdf
Medical Policy 2020-2021
Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy 2020
Parent/carer Code of Conduct Policy 2020
Pastoral Care Policy
Pupil Premium Policy 2021-22.pdf
PSED Policy (Public Sector Equality Duty Policy) 2019-2024
PSED Access Plan 2020-2024 Review of Actions Nov 2020
Policy for Relationship & Sex Education
Uniform Policy 2022- 2024