Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors at CWJS
At CWJS, we think it's very important to have our pupils involved in how the Science curriculum is delivered and promoted in our school. Every year, the children have the opportunity to communicate to their class if and why they wish to become a Science Ambassador for the school. During this time, the children in each class get to vote for a candidate that they feel would best represent and communicate Science learning for our school. Two Science Ambassadors are then selected from each class to work with Mrs Hulme, our Science Subject Leader, and work together to discuss how we can promote Science learning. As a school, we are extremely lucky to have so many children, who are enthusiastic about Science, and want to work together to create fun and exciting opportunities to enhance the learning across the school. 
Our current year Science Ambassadors for 2020/21 worked with Mrs Hulme to discuss and document what they felt Science meant to them, and they did this by creating plastercine models. This then sparked the curiosity of discovering what every other child felt Science meant to them and what they thought Science learning was all about.
During remote learning, our Science Ambassadors have stumbled across a hurdle that makes their job role in the school difficult to complete, but we're hoping once we return back to school that the Ambassadors will be able to take a more active role in promoting Science learning at CWJS.
Parent Science Ambassadors
CWJS have some very exciting news to announce!
To further help promote Science at our school, we inquired to our parents, asking if there were any who would be interested in becoming a Parent Science Ambassador. We are delighted to say that we have now appointed 5 Parent Science Ambassadors to work alongside CWJS, to further help us promote Science as a subject, to promote future home Science projects and to promote a variety of careers linked with Science.
There will be more news to announce about how our Parent Science Ambassadors will be helping to promote the Science learning at CWJS soon.