Phonics at CWJS

Phonics Teaching: 
CWJS is now targeting Phonics in LKS2 (Y3 & Y4).  We are seeing an increase of pupils in Y3, joining the school with gaps in their phonological knowledge and skills. COVID 19 hasn't helped the situation and as a result, the school is currently using a DfE approved scheme called TwinkL.  We are also in the process of training our staff in using the Little Wandle, (scheme of work) in preparation for September 2022.  We are doing this to ensure that pupils leaving the infant school can continue to access this scheme, if they require further support. 
The above phonic schemes of work, will enable the school to support pupils in securing good phonological skills and removing the barrier to their reading and learning in other subjects.   
Little Wandle Parent Guides on Phonics Teaching can be found here.