Science Events

Super Exciting Science Events at CWJS
Renishaw Remote Events
During our remote learning in January 2021, our Year 5 and 6 classes have had an exciting experience to take part in two live Renishaw events, where the children learnt about Renishaw as a company, took part in a virtual experiment and were inspired to consider a career in engineering.
The children had a lot of fun creating their own informative posters and designed a new invention to fix a problem. We are very impressed with the hard work that the children put into their new inventions!
It's been wonderful to see how enthusiastic the children were at discovering a career in engineering, as well as the importance of engineering, and to see them so engaged and asking Renishaw many inquisitive questions.
Rednock Whole School Assembly
During Science Week 2020, CWJS had an exciting visit from Rednock Sixth Form, who demonstrated a variety of jaw-dropping experiments. 
All classes really enjoyed discovering the incredible and different ways that chemicals react with each other to create different outcomes. We watched as eggs were sucked through a glass test tube, vibrant sparks lit up the room, passed around a chemically frozen glove and heard explosive bangs echo through the school.
The children were very eager to ask questions to find out how the Science behind each experiment worked and keen to volunteer. The children left the Science show feeling enthused about their Science learning! 
Science Week Home Projects
As part of Science Week, all classes were given an at home Science project, in which they were asked to create a piece of work of their choice that demonstrated an area of Science. 
CWJS had many entries from all year groups, consisting of posters, PowerPoints, models and very detailed information to explain what the chosen project was about and how the Science behind it actually works. 
Each year group had one winner chosen and their project was selected to go on display next to the Science display board by the School Library for all to see. 
CWJS have been very impressed with the effort and time that all of the children put into their Science projects and we can see the enthusiasm that our pupils have for the subject. 
KLB Science Trip
Year 5 and 6 have had a very exciting trip to KLB recently, where they got to explore and work in the Science Labs, and take part in a variety of experiments.
The children had a lot of fun as they discovered Chemistry as being the Science of how atoms and molecules combine together to create smells, explosions and reactions. The children watched as the Science Professor created brightly coloured sparks, piercing sounds and how a chemical reaction can create 'Elephant Toothpaste'. 
The children also enjoyed a hands-on experience as they discovered Physics as the Science that demonstrates how the Universe works, including energy, mass and so on. The children had the opportunity to take part in many experiments, including what air pressure actually feels like. 
Both Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed their trip to KLB and came away with a greater understanding of how Science has many different elements to it and different career options in the future.