Cedar Class Year 5

Welcome to Cedar Class
Our theme this term is: We'll Meet Again
World War Two
Autumn Term
This term in Year 5, our theme is called 'We'll Meet Again'. We will be spending lots of time learning about what life was like in Britain during World War 2 looking at areas such as The Blitz, rationing and evacuations.
In English this term, we will be using the book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and other non-fiction texts to inspire our reading and writing, and this will link into our theme work.
In Maths, we will be developing our number and place value knowledge as well as addition, subtraction and multiplication. 
In Science, we will be looking at properties and changes in materials. Within this unit, we will look into the make up of a variety of materials and how these can change.
In History this term, we will be looking into World War Two. We will look at where it fits into history using timelines, we will look at how many key events in our history came very quickly. We will also use our curiosity to ask questions and figure out what some fantastic WW2 artefacts are and why they were used. We'll also look at the Blitz, using newspapers, diaries, videos and pictures to write our own newspaper article. 
In Geography, we will studying rivers and why they are so important to life and settlements. We will also plan a journey within the UK for an evacuee from a city to the countryside and compare the topography of an axis and ally power.
In Art we will make a silhouette painting of the Blitz, learn about the war time work of Henry Moore and use his work as inspiration to sketch people in Blitz Britain, focusing on facial expression and mood. We will also look at propaganda posters and make a war time artefact out of clay.
In D&T, we will research what Anderson Shelters were and discover how they were made, what they were made from and why they were used. We will then design and make our own miniature Anderson Shelters before evaluating and suggesting improvements

In Music this term, we will listen to war time songs, discuss their lyrics and their uses in war time Britain. We will then learn songs and practise our singing skills. We will then create a Blitz Britain piece of music in groups, selecting suitable instruments to represent the sounds during an attack on a city. 

In computing we will continue to develop our coding skills and look further into how to stay safe online.

In PE, we will be developing our netball and rugby skills in our outdoor lessons and continue to develop our gymnastic skills during our indoor lessons.  

Key Information
Cedar Class will continue to have 2 PE lessons per week. These will take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that your child's PE kit is named and in school at all times. 
Children are expected to be reading at home at least 3 times per week to support their learning. Reading Records need to be handed in on a Thursday. 
Times tables
Children are encouraged to continue using Times Table Rockstars to practice their times tables each week. They will also be completing one of our 21 Facts activities each morning to support their understanding not only of their times tables, but their relationships between number facts. This will take place during registration.
Christmas songs 
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Lyrics - YouTube