Oak Class Year 5

Welcome to Oak Class
Summer Term!
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Our theme this term is:
Cocoa Loco
These are the books we will be reading:
Chocolate Tree by Linda Lowery 9781580138512 | Brand New | Free UK Shipping - Picture 1 of 1
The Hero Twins by Dan Jolley (author), David Witt (illustrator) - Picture 1 of 1

What will Summer term include?

If you are interested in extra reading check out the following websites and and embedded videos: 
These are the books we will be reading:
  • The Chocolate Tree by Linda Lowery and Richard Keep
  • The Hero Twins by Dan Jolley and David Witt
  • Rain Player by David Wisniewski
  • Why were Maya games so deadly? A question of history.
We will be covering the following: 

In English, our books  for our theme this term includes ‘The chocolate tree’, ‘The rain player’, ‘The hero twins’ and ‘Why were the Mayan games so deadly?’. Through these brilliant texts we will be exploring and writing a range of different texts including, myth writing, explanation writing and creating a non-chronological report.  

Through all of these texts we will also be developing our comprehension skills in our reading lessons with a focus on retrieving information and using evidence to support our responses to questions, as well as summarising, prediction and inference skills.

In Maths, we will be studying how to calculate fractions. We will also be acquiring knowledge that will allow us to calculate area and volume. Then, we will be exploring angles, which will include protractor work. Later in the year, we will be analysing , compiling and presenting information in statistics.  

In Science, we will be learning about humans, plants and animals. We will be delving into classification, where we will be classifying animals and plants in different ways. This will lead us onto learning more about the reproduction of plants and different animals, exploring how reproduction and lifecycles differ for different wildlife. Later in the summer, we will be conducting an investigation, making predictions, using second hand research and compiling information to create conclusions and represent our findings.

In History,  We will also be focusing on practicing our timeline skills, as well as describing historical events from ancient Mayan civilization. We will also be learning about crime and punishment, Britain's role of spreading Christian values and the decisions that are made in parliament throughout history.

In Geography, we will be revisiting our learning of using maps and locate places and features on  maps, in atlases and on globes, as well as taking a closer look at different biomes.  We will also be developing our knowledge of the water cycle, which we will apply to our learning of rivers which will involve why locations are near water and what people use water for. We will look at the area that the Mayans settled, focusing on land use and how locations can change over time and what they might develop into in the future.

In RE, we will be exploring ’what Jesus would do’, reading Jesus’s teachings and applying his lessons to how we could use them in todays world. Later in the term, we will be learning about the humanist and Christian views of good and evil.  We will be unpicking, comparing and contrasting the two different view points and beliefs.

In PSHE, we will be thinking about and exploring  relationship sand how we can make positive relationships online. We will also be looking at the ‘changing me’ topic, which will involve the children learning about puberty and body changes (more information will be provided for parents nearer the time).

In Music, we will be listening to and appraising a range of old-school Hip Hop including The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Me, myself & I, Ready or Not, U can’t touch this and more. We will learn to sing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and play along using a glockenspiel and recorders. Then, once we have those skills we will improvise and compose using the same instruments to adapt the song.

In DT, we will be researching the materials and methods that are used to create death masks, which are used in Mayan cultural practices. We will use this research to help us to design our own death mask. We will apply our knowledge and skills from art to help us make a mosaic-decorated, clay death mask.

In Art, we will be  evaluating Mayan death masks in our Design and technology lesson. After exploring the designs, we will begin to create sketched designs for our own death mask.  We will then move on to clay work practice which will help us to learn the skills and processes we need to create a death mask, clay figure. Later on in the term, we will experiment with mosaics , where we will appraise mosaic work that already exists, which will inspire us when it come to applying mosaic work to our clay death masks.

In PE, we will be developing our athletic skills, ready for sports day, as well as continuing to experiment with gymnastics routines and dance genres. Later in the summer, we will be enhancing our fielding, batting and bowling skills so that we can play a game of cricket.

In French,  we will be retrieving our knowledge of weather and seasons before learning vocabulary to do with clothing. We will also be able to describe and give opinions about these items of clothing.


Key Information
Oak Class will continue to have 2 PE lessons per week. These will take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that your child's PE kit is named and in school at all times. This summer term we will be doing gymnastics and dance in our indoor lesson and athletics and cricket in our outdoor lessons.
Children are expected to be reading at home at least 3 times per week to support their learning. Please update Boomhub regularly as reading scores will be collated every Thursday. If you're having any problems with the app, please let us know.
Times tables
Children are encouraged to continue using Times Table Rockstar's to practice their times tables each week. They will also be completing one of our 21 Facts activities each morning to support their understanding not only of their times tables, but their relationships between number facts. This will take place during registration.
Purple Mash
All children should now have a purple mash log in. Please speak to Mr. Francis if you don't. 
Throughout the term work may be set on there to support the children's learning. This is not compulsory but will be beneficial to support the learning done in class. This is also a good tool for additional research and creating some of the theme homework.