Oak Class Year 5

Welcome to Oak Class
Welcome to the Oak Class homepage - Autumn term.
This term, we will be exploring the curriculum through our 'Crime and Punishment' and 'Anglo-Saxon' themes. We will be comparing the crimes and punishments that we have today, with those from the Anglo-Saxon period. Already this term, we have discovered a crime scene in the corner of our room and we will be using our detective skills to explore the evidence left behind and to identify who has committed the crime.
Guided Reading and Writing
In Guided Reading and Writing, we are looking at 2 books called 'Shield Maiden' and 'Anglo-Saxon Boy'. These texts will help frame writing opportunities and link learning across the curriculum. 

Shield Maiden
'Shield Maiden' is a mythical adventure, which links perfectly with our theme and our Writing cycle unit about myths. It centres around a young girl named Anna, who wants to become an Anglo-Saxon warrior. She goes on an expedition with her friends and finds a mysterious horn.
What could this horn be?
How will it change her life? 
Anglo-Saxon Boy
'Anglo-Saxon Boy' is a story about a young boy called Magnus, who goes on a mission with his father, to take over the island of Britain. This story is set in the Anglo-Saxon period and contains many battles, which all lead up to the Battle of Hastings at the end of the book. 
Key Information
Oak Class will have their PE lessons on a MONDAY and THURSDAY. Children are encouraged to bring their PE kits in only on these days in line with Government guidelines. The children will be playing tennis and hockey outdoors for the duration of the term, so warm PE attire is advised.
Reading Records will continue to be monitored on a daily basis. Children are expected to be reading at home at least 3 times per week to support their learning in school. Every time a child finishes reading a book, they will collect a sticker. When they collect this sticker, they will also earn a ‘Class Point’. When they have read 6 books, they will collect 5 ‘Class points’. When they have read 12 books, and have filled their ‘Starbooks’ loyalty card, they can collect a prize from the reward box.
Spellings and Times tables
Tests for these will take place on a FRIDAY afternoon. The children will then record their scores in their Reading Records to take home.