Juniper Class Year 3

During the Spring term, Juniper Class will be travelling back to the distant past when only reptilian creatures roamed the land for millions of years until they became extinct over 65 million years ago. We will be taking on the role of paleontologists as we research, dig and discover all about these tremendous but terrifying creatures... DINOSAURS. Throughout this term, we will be focusing upon our Geography skills as we discover where Dinosaurs were found, as well as learning all about volcanoes and how they can erupt. Alongside this, we will be using a range of Science skills to learn all about what the Dinosaurs ate and how they kept healthy. 
P.S. Miss Griffiths will need the children in Juniper Class to keep a close eye on the two Dinosaur eggs in the theme corner, just in case they hatch during a lesson! 
Our classroom environment:
To support our theme, we will be reading The Dinosaur's Diary by Julia Donaldson, which will be used in our English lessons, where we will be learning all about the struggles of being a gentle and small Hypsilophodon. I wonder where he will end up when he is pulled under by the magical current of a pond and ends up in a different Era! 
Later in the term, we will also be reading more, exciting Dinosaur-themed books. These include: Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman and How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum by Jessie Hartland. 
For an overview of our learning this term, please read the parent overview below:
Things to remember:
  • Juniper Class PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor). The children are welcome to bring some warmer clothes for outdoor PE.  
  • Reading planners need to be in school everyday. Children need to read with an adult at least 3x a week and record this in their reading planners. These will be checked every Thursday. If your child has finished their reading book, they can change it on Tuesdays and Fridays before PE. 
  • Children should access Times Table Rock Stars at least 1x a week on the following link: Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (
Our 'Walking With Dinosaurs' theme homework this term:
If you are stuck for homework inspiration, here is some images of the types of thing you can create. Don't feel the need for them to be exactly the same. Find what works best for you and adapt the activity. If you need any support or resources, please talk to Miss Griffiths.